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About Kodex

Kodex is a big leader in condom industry; produce the most developed and improved condom to approve people sex satisfaction. Kodex started production more than 15 years and still being one of the best reputable condom brand names in the world, most of the people of the world prefer to buy Kodex condom because of high reliability and credibility, Kodex has registered unbelievable sales because of high specification and quality control.

Costumers Opinions for Kodex
Clients believe that using one time Kodex condom enough to cancel using any other condom. They are sure Kodex give huge pleasure and sensation. With Kodex can feel more confidence and reliability, both partners can exchange great respect and esteem.

 Kodex Characteristics
Kodex condom has superior strength of the influence; it improved sensation to the male wearer compared to an ordinary condom. Sensation and excitement are primary aim of Kodex condom. Sexual process by using different kinds of Kodex is a best choice to feel real sex. Ejaculation delay Kodex means huge sensation, dotted Kodex for unforgettable sex; ribbed condom is designed to give double sexual pleasure for both partners. The inspections show that Super 3 x 1 and Master 3 in 1 increase the sexual feeling to twice or more.

Kodex R&D
Kodex research and development work continuously to approve and increase the sexual pleasure for both partners, Kodex is the pioneer condom could satisfy the customers to use it instead of other condoms and can give multi sexual sensations.  R&D of Kodex always introduce new condom generations to the market to approve human sex satisfaction, meanwhile the other condom manufacturers start to produce similar condoms after several months. The clients prefer to buy Kodex brand because they trust it more than any other brand condom.





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